Celestial Black Diamond Set

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The luxurious Celestial Black Diamond collection combines technologically advanced ingredients with ground breaking medical research.   The collection has an innovative delivery system of Black Diamond Particles* used to transport 111SKIN’s potent NAC Y2 formula, in combination with Liquorice Root Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, into deeper layers of the skin to target ageing. The Black Diamond range will brighten, plump and regenerate the skin.


1 x Celestial Black Diamond Cream - 50ml

1x Celestial Black Diamond Serum - 30ml

1x Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream - 15ml

After cleansing and toning use ring finger to gently apply to the delicate eye area. Follow with serum / and or moisturizer. Gently apply Celestial Black Diamond Serum to your face and neck. Follow with Celestial Black Diamond Cream.

Tip: The Celestial Black Diamond Cream is also recommended after cosmetic treatment to prolong the benefits and optimise results.

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  • what are the ounce amounts in these products?

    3.21fl oz Total
    1.69fl oz Celestial Black Diamond Cream
    1.01fl oz Celestial Black Diamond Serum
    0.50fl oz Celestial black Diamond Eye Cream

  • Hello 🤗 I would like to change my skincare products and thinking about 111skin ... unfortunately in my area there are no counters...thats why I would like to order online but I‘m not sure what collection would be good for me. I‘m 32 years old and have enlarged pores in nose and cheeks area...sometimes breakouts no wrinkles yet 😂 and in general combination skin... what would you recommend? thanks in advance 😎

    Hey Ami,

    So we would suggest the below

    The NAC Y2 Restorative Balm Cleanser - as this is gentle enough to target both areas of combination skin, the Antipoxidant energising essence as a toner to balance the skin, the Y Theorem Light Serum as a moisturisier, you want a product that is light but will hydrate the skin so this would be perfect and then the 3 Phase Anti-Blemish booster to pop on your breakouts.

    If you are wanting to prevent wrinkles, we would suggest Celestial Black Diamo d Contour Gel

    We hope this helps and welcome to 111SKIN.


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