dr. yannis alexandrides md


Endlessly seeking new and innovative ways of improving aesthetics from the inside-out, he became interested in the use of extreme cold on the body. Having first tried the technology on a trip to the US, he was keen to bring cryotherapy back to the UK and meticulously researched the safest and most effective method of delivering its benefits. in 2016, 111CRYO was launched, utilising nitrogen-free, electrically-cooled technology to ensure an enhanced experience.

Dr. Yannis is well-known to be an innovator in the beauty industry, and endeavours to stay at the forefront of aesthetic techniques to guarantee his patients the very best outcomes. In 2018 he created the spa concept SPA/CLINIC by 111SKIN, which is a marriage of powerful skincare, advanced aesthetic methods, and deep medical expertise. SPA/CLINIC is pioneering the medicalisation of spa to offer clients results-driven treatments fused with sensorial experiences within opulent surroundings.

Committed to excellence and striving to offer the most elite, cutting-edge treatments, Dr. Yannis continues to explore, study, and pursue his passion of wellness, medicine, and aesthetics.



After training at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center, he took residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami (the second largest hospital in the US) where he studied at the University of Miami and specialised in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. Here, he worked in extremely complicated cases, acquiring extensive and invaluable knowledge in facial reconstructive surgery. Dr. Yannis then expanded his training to include highly specialised Microsurgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, where is formerly held two Fellowships in Microsurgery and Craniofacial Surgery.


  • UK GMC Specialist Plastic Surgery
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • EU Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Greek Board of Plastic Surgery


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  • · Carpal tunnel syndrome in the USA and Sweden: A socio-economedical comparison.”
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Dr. Yannis takes the opportunity to use his reconstructive skills to help those without the financial means or access to medicine. He has joined international missions to correct cosmetic abnormalities such as cleft lip and cleft palates, saying that he is “honoured and humbled to utilise his surgical skills to help those who are underprivileged.”

In addition to this, he has supported the following charities by regularly hosting and attending galas and fundraisers:

  • · Carers UK
  • · CLIC Sargent
  • · Cash & Rocket
  • · The Gorbachev Foundation
  • · The Women’s Empowerment Initiative
  • · Make a Wish


Away from the clinic, Dr. Yannis is an ardent fan of being active, from football with his kids to adrenaline sports, practicing what he preaches about a preventative approach to health and beauty. In his downtime, his ideal weekend is island hopping in his beloved home country of Greece with his family, while his cosmopolitan pursuits include collecting modern art – as a surgeon, beauty in all its forms is never too far from his mind.



“The whole thing started in my practice, where I do a lot of facial plastic surgery. I was looking for products that can improve healing post-op for face lifts, eye jobs, and things like that. For many years I was looking for products and I wasn’t finding that would do the job properly, until I started working with scientists on a product to protect astronauts from skin damage. The scientists helped me create the first product called Dramatic Healing Serum. We give it to all our patients after surgery to use from the second post-operative day for six weeks. I have seen a tremendous improvement on the rate of healing, decrease of swelling and bruising, and the improvement of the scar.” - Dr. Yannis Alexandrides.  

From there, NAC Y²™ was born, a complex that includes a trio of actives with superior antioxidant capabilities, one of which stimulates the production of Glutathione – the body’s most powerful intracellular antioxidant. The superior results included epidermal strengthening, scar reduction and a more youthful appearance. Used as the core of every product in the Reparative range and included in several other ranges, NAC Y²™ has come to embody the principal of 111SKIN - innovative science that yields unrivalled results.  


As a practising surgeon Dr. Yannis saw the opportunity of developing skincare treatments that both recreate and complement aesthetic treatments in the clinic, for a more holistic approach to beauty. For Dr. Yannis it’s about beauty and quality of skin, with a focus on understanding the ageing process inside and out. The ability to accelerate skin’s function to heal means greater health and wellness. Supplements, efficacious spa treatments and whole-body cryotherapy are a few examples of how this philosophy has inspired 111SKIN product innovation. Eva advances 111SKIN’s purpose and sustainability commitments through the many facets of the brand. Creating clean and efficacious products, instilling environmentally leading practices and fostering a healthy community with a commitment to raising women up.


In June 2012 and starting with selected products from our now established Reparative range we launched in the beauty halls of Harrods, London. We started with a singular shelf at the back of the beauty hall and 2 members of staff that were dedicated to establishing the brand with Harrod's clientele. For the first 3/4 years we were exclusive to Harrods and were focused on delivering the passion and research behind the brand. With our customers being the focus behind our range and their feedback being fundamental to the growth of the brand, we developed a range that grew from their feedback such as the light version of our bestselling product the Y Theorem Serum NAC Y².


Positioned in leading luxury spaces and an international presence that is coveted by fashion designers, make-up artists and supermodels alike, 111SKIN formulates its skincare to deliver a no filter confidence. We are located in some of the most prestigious retail spaces and leading spa resorts and hotels worldwide.

The focus for the future is to continue to deliver unprecedented quality and results to our clients and customers as well as positioning ourselves as the leading global skincare brand that is surgically inspired, science led and drives clinical results.